The Greater Austin

Junior Chamber of


Est 1936

Established in 1936, the Austin Junior Chamber of Commerce is the city’s premier network for young professionals between the ages of 21 – 40. We offer diverse opportunities for personal and professional growth through professional development, networking and philanthropy.

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What drives us

To create a better working community in Austin by empowering young Austinites. The organization focuses on personal growth and strives to evoke a positive change in the individuals involved, the organization and the community.


To be the organization of choice for young adults in the Austin area, as well as provide direction and leadership in the community, the state and the nation in attempt to bring these communities together.

To provide civic service through organized efforts put on by young men and women in the community and to promote the welfare of Austin and its citizens through active, constructive projects. Further, the organization should provide to its members training in leadership and civic consciousness that will further their productivity as citizens.

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